Reconstruction of an old house

Located in McLean, Virginia, US this reconstruction of an old house was made by Architect Robert M. Gurney.

The scope of work involved a complete reconstruction of an old house, a substantial addition to the house, a new detached garage and guest house, and a comprehensive reorganization of the site. An important addition is the new guest house and detached garage. Parking area has also been increased to meet the requirements of a comfortable accommodation of a large family and corporate events.The existing main structure, built in 1965, contained a series of interior and exterior spaces below a single, low-pitched roof with a ridge line spanning diagonally above the orthogonally arranged spaces. An attached hexagonal volume contained the bedrooms . The new garage accommodates three cars and the guesthouse includes two bedrooms. The massing and materials employed continue the language introduced at the main house. A reconstruction of an old house worth of looking. Photo: Maxwell MacKenzie.

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