A place where you can be alone with nature


On the rocky coast of the Atlantic Ocean is a single building, when you look at that, it seems that she is about to fall. In this house, you can come for a weekend and think about the impermanence of life. Its minimalist design is doubly compensated austere beauty of the surrounding nature. Architectural studio MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects has designed and implemented to build a house named Cliff House, located on the rocky coast of Nova Scotia (Canada). The house is built in such a way that only a small part of it touches the ground, almost everything else is “hanging” in the air. The design is supported by steel beams crossed. Given the small budget allocated for the construction of the house was used mainly cedar – inexpensive but durable material. In addition, its wood is resistant to frequent changes in weather. Building area is 90 square meters. The internal layout is quite simple. The house has two levels. On the ground is a living room and dining room with wood burning stove. And the second – a bedroom.  In order to achieve optimal natural light in the house on three sides are set wide windows.








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  1. Claudiu says:

    Da, un loc perfect, asta pana vine unu de a vandut 6 cai si vreo 10.000 hectare si a luat cashu, ajunge aici si se face vecin cu tine….bineee bineeeee….brrrrrrraaapppaaa ciiicalacaaa…si toata ziua o sa porti casti la tine in casa :)).
    Interesant containarul !

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