Apartment NO. 3


This Apartment NO. 3 is situated in a newly-built residential complex in Bucharest, Romania and stretches over 50 sqm.

From the Studio Architects Diana Rosu and Bogdan Ciocodeica :

“The main goal of the design project was to create a large and bright space, both unitary and functionally coherent from a visual and aesthetic point of view. 

Like with any other project, we tried to envision the path of those who will ‘bring’ life inside this apartment, from the moment they step inside until they go to bed in the night. We tried to make the space offer the necessary comfort, as well as a positive state of mind and that ‘home-y’ feeling everyone longs for. We paid special attention to the interior lighting which, adapted to every corner, creating a dynamic, stenographic atmosphere. 

 The Apartment NO. 3 is transparent and fluid, the design unity being provided by the apparent concrete ceiling and the industrial looking, see-through metallic locks. The compact space shapes up like a balance between the cold, mineral materials, such as concrete, metal and glass, and the warm wooden trimming and the white cloth linings. We created generous custom made storage compartments, which we integrated in the wooden plates trimmings. The living room is divided into 2 spaces: the dining and the relaxing quarters, brought together by a 90 cm-high cabinet, which continues on the wall along the room, just like a structure supporting both spaces and providing unity to the concept. Laying on the living couch, we can see all the other areas of the house: the dining place, the bedroom and the kitchen.

The need for privacy in the sleeping area was not put aside. The curtains in the bedroom can cover, if needed, 3 out of the 4 walls. In this layout, the bed is practically surrounded by fluid, organic ‘walls’, making the atmosphere more relaxing and, in the same time, providing a great sound proofing.” Photos: Andrei Margulescu / Radu Sandovici













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