Summer Residence (33 sqm ONLY) by Christopher Budd

Many of us wants a Summer Residence, somewhere away from the city. It’s possible, but not everyone can afford to build a house from scratch.

This idea is to present you an old house altered to fit your needs. Interior designer Christopher Budd (part of Studios Architecture Studio) finished decoration and remodeling of a small summer residence build in 1940’s. Interior space of the house is 33 m2. However, he managed to arrange everything to make the residence functional and comfortable. On the ground floor is a small living room and a tiny kitchen, which is equipped with the most compact devices that you will find in almost any kitchen. It’s hard to believe that is such a tiny space could fit a refrigerator, a cook top, microwave, oven, dishwasher and a washing machine. The bathroom of this summer residence is just 2.1 m2, but it was enough space to have a W.C., sink and a full-size shower. If you like small houses, take a look at this Excellent small house of only 22 m2

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