10 ideal cottages with less than 40 square meters


Today, people are more likely to prefer a small home, especially when they consider to make improvements on their own. Often, this are reasons of cost savings, space resources. And it is important to think about and organize storage space for a comfortable stay in a small house. This review presents functional homes with a perfect layout area, not exceeding 40 square meters.


1. The Edge: a house on a rocky beach

1-the-edge-cornwall-just3ds.comCottage area of ​​30 square meters. Despite its small size, the lodge has everything you need for a good time, and with a rounded wooden terrace you can enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.



2. Residence of an abandoned vagoon

 3-matthew-de-boer-train-just3ds.comMade by American Matthew de Boer.




3. Port-a-Bach: container house


A few simple manipulations and this container turns into a compact and cozy cottage. Port-a-Bach is designed for a family of 4 persons. Side wall opening is transformed into a bunk bed. Other beds are “hidden” in the furniture wall. In addition, the house has a kitchen and a bathroom.



4. ProtoHaus: motorhome

7-ProtoHaus-just3ds.comArea of ​​only 12 square meters.



5. Seelenkiste: housing for meditation

9-seelenkiste-just3ds.comThe project called “Seelenkiste” is a thesis project made by architects Matthias Prüger and Manuel Rauwolf. This minimalist house is designed for a single occupant, a fugitive from the city or better said, for meditation. Between the tiers are “hidden” bed.



6. 12.20: house for bachelor

11-alex-nogueira-12-20-house-just3ds.comHouse of the brazilian architect, Alex Nogueira.



7. Hivehaus: house with sliding modules

13-hivehaus-just3ds.comWhen designing this house, the architect was inspired by bee honeycombs. Hivehaus is a sliding modular system consisting of 3 hexagons. If desired, the owners are free to change the layout of the house, with an area of ​​30.7 square meters in all. m. Panels are easily moved by a special outdoor recess.



8. House Boise. Tiny House area of ​​18 square meters

15-House-Boise-just3ds.comNarrow but functional accommodation.



9. Eco Perch: Great country house

17-Eco-perch-just3ds.comThis house of environmentally friendly wood Eco Perch can be build in just 5-7 days. Its area is about 40 square meters. Inside there is everything you need. Specialists claim that the life of this property will be at least 15 years.



10. Houseboat

19-mjolk-architekti-houseboat-just3ds.comHouseboat area of ​​37 square meters.


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  1. Very interesting for a cottage at the campagne

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    interesested in minimun -expandid houses.

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