Cube Illusion



Description from Laszlo Tompa:

The case is a simple cube illusion, with a surface covered with no space matching geometric ornaments produced by CNC-woodturning. So beside the storage function there is originated a new, unusual, powerful abstract sculpture-looking furniture. At a first glance it’s not visible that the furniture hides a relatively large storage place inside due to the optical illusion of the ornaments. The case is diagonally symmetrical, so the storage section can be covered with the lid rotated 180 degrees.

I’m a ceramic designer; the idea came from one of my forgástest tile, when I designed it’s corner elements. After a lot of experiments I found the 16th version the best choice. During designing I had to take into consideration that the case must be stable, the lid must be easy to catch and the elements must be turnable. Because of the precision peaks of each elements were carved by hand. The case was very difficult to assemble precisely, I had to glue more elements at the same time without any mistake. I love wood!



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