Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain



German artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth have completed “Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain” in Duisburg, Germany.

“Since 13th of November the large-scale sculpture “Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain” in Duisburg Wanheim (D) is accessible for the public. It overtops the plateau with the artificially heaped-up mountain* by 21m | 23yd so the visitor can rise by more than 45m | 49yd above the level of the landscape and enjoy an impressive view over the Rhine. Led-lights are integrated in the handrails and highlight the flight of stairs so the sculpture is accessible at night, too. The curved flight of stairs inscribes like a signature on the landscape and recruits the nimbus of the classical roller coaster. Having a closer look, the public is disappointed in a disarming way. The visitor climbs on foot via differently steep steps the roller-coaster-sculpture**.”


* The magic mountain in the South of Duisburg happened to come into existence within only one year out of the blue and owes its presence to the shifting of large amounts of toxic zinc-slag that have accrued during the productions of local zinc works.

** excerpt from an article written by Heiko Klaas and Nicole Büsing.



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