Cross Street Project

Designers from C + M Studio designed the interior of an apartment in Sydney, Australia, named Cross Street Project.

Cross Street project is more than an usual update of an old apartment. The residence is located on the lower level of the residential complex. Designers realized a new way of working together with a number of local artists and retailers. As a result: a beautiful and bright spot of comfort near the beach, was created. We don’t know exactly, but seems that in the kitchen area of the Cross Street Project, some “ShyLight Lamps” (check the article; it’s worth it) – When it descends from the ceiling, its “petals” are revealed. A special program makes shylight lamps “bloom” in a specific sequence, which creates the illusion of dance.

From the designers:

“The cross street project is more than just the redesign of an existing ground floor bronte apartment, it is also a collaboration between cm studio, who undertook the design, and project management, with a number of local retailers, designers, and artists, to create a beautiful, beachside home that is both livable, and shopable.

  • Project Manager: C+M Studio with Australian Carpentry Contractors
  • Furniture: Design Hunter, Project 82, Chris Colwell Design, Catapult Design, Mr and Mrs White, Yellow Bungalow
  • Artwork: Otomys, Zoe Macdonell, Milly Dent, Bartolomeo Celestino, Kate Banazi
  • Soft Furnishing: Simple Studio, Design Hunter, Project 82, Major Minor Sydney, Line On The Side, Obiecta”

Photos: Carolin McCredie

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