Annex House

Owners of a residence in Toronto, Canada, asked the company DUBBELDAM Architecture + Design to create a project that converts two separate buildings in a comfortable home for a family named Annex House.

Architects had designed a new solution of open space, which is a continuation of the courtyard of the kitchen and outdoor dining area. We like the difference from the common wall surface and solutions associated with home spaces through the openings. In the corridor, a nice partition is made of solid oak wood with transparent panels, that allow you to change the view of the other rooms. The ground floor of the Annex House is organized around a central volume as a storage space and structural elements of a gas fireplace creating a space for seating. Bathroom is lined with a smooth white marble, which gives a sense of the inner surface of a seashell. While the exterior of the space is formed by the open and closed white oak and limestone areas. On the second floor are the dining room and kitchen. This part have divided volumes where a hidden behind panels, is a wine fridge and a TV.

Annex House is a beautiful and warm residence, for a family with childrens. Photo: Tom Arban Bob Gundu

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