Izabelin House

In most dense forest, near Warsaw, Poland, casual travelers can see some rectangular structure “hanging” in the air. Coming closer, they realize that this is an ordinary house, but with a very unusual facade. The first floor is covered with its mirrored panels that reflect the surrounding forest. Due to this optical illusion, part of the structure is almost invisible from a distance. Polish company Reform Architekt headed by architect Marcin Tomaszewski once again realize an original project for the construction of a residential building. Izabelin House is a two-story mansion with an original facade. The ground floor is almost invisible, so it seems that the upper part of the house is “hanging” in the air. Beautiful project.






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3 Responses

  1. Alan Tolfrey says:

    Another stunningly clever building! Would love to build a model of each of your iconic ingenious creations!

  2. Piotr Drabecki says:

    Where is it , exactly . I want to see it because I live in Warsaw.

  3. Aurel Lucian says:

    Just outside of Warsaw. I don’t know exactly where but if I will find out, I will let you know on another comment.

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