Cylinder house with only 31 square meters

Instead of the standard rectangular house, the architect has created for himself and his wife a round home that has been converted from an old silo for grain storage. Unusual construction area of ​​only 31 square meters, but the furniture is integrated into the interior so well that it seems as if the house has plenty of space. Architect Christoph Kaiser specializes in the construction of small houses, but this time, he decided to make a home without being an rectangular shape but a cylinder (Silo House). Designer purchased an old silo for grain storage and adapted it for a comfortable stay. Original facade design has undergone some changes: the order included round doors and windows and corrugated steel cladding painted white to reflect the rays of the sun. Part of the interior is made of walnut wood. “Warm” colors added comfort to this cylinder house. Despite this modest size, the owner was able to place all the objects of interior, compact and practical. Kitchen, shower and wardrobe are located on a circle. A spiral staircase leads to a cozy sleeping loft with enough space for a large double bed.

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    Perfect….God is in the detail

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