Eco-friendly house, controlled by smartphone

Designers tend to design new gadgets, houses or everything else with friendly materials, using energy saving technologies. To a whole new level, in this regard came from Romanian architects, presenting a house with zero energy from outside and control all electrical appliances through a smartphone. The project energy efficient created by Soleta ZeroEnergy One was designed and implemented by specialist  – engineer and inventor Justin Capra (Justin Capra Foundation for Invention and Sustainable Technologies). The main advantage of this home is virtually zero consumption of electricity from the outside and its remote control via smartphone. During the construction Soleta ZeroEnergy One used only environmentally friendly materials (laminated veneer lumber, shingles). Part of the massive walls replaced by wide windows, to strengthen the owners feeling of closeness to nature. Aside from the attic and terraces, the construction area is only 48 square meters. Thanks to the proper organization of space at the entrance inside there is absolutely no discomfort.

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  1. Claudiu says:

    Super idee cu baia ascunsa de scari si trepte pana la mansarda.
    Ahh ca nu mi-ar trebuii nimic mai mult …bine mie personal…dar sa ai doi copii ,un caine, un cal, 3 porci, o vaca si trei oi e cam dificil iarna cu ei in casa :))))

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