Casa Delta

Family with three children owns this holiday home, named Casa Delta, which is located a half-hour drive from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Residence Casa Delta is designed by Bernardes Arquitetura and built on an incline overlooking of the Atlantic Ocean. The space area of ​​1 000 square meters is divided into functional areas, distributed on several levels. Thus, the house perfectly fit into the picturesque surroundings of wildlife. Of course, the best views are from the top floor, which is designed a wonderful living room, dining room, kitchen, media room, master bedroom and bathroom, and a spacious terrace with outdoor pool. Below are five bedrooms and bathrooms, including children and guest room attendants, laundry and technical rooms. Entrance and parking are provided on the first floor of the residence. Casa Delta is one of the most relaxing places, looking at the photos made by Leonardo Finotti.

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From the architect:

Commissioned by a couple with three young children, Casa Delta, located one and a half hours from São Paulo, is built on sloping terrain surrounded by an important Atlantic Forest reserve. The intervention began with the study of the topography and existing forest so that the house could be integrated into the natural landscape. The functional programme was based on different levels so as to allow the house to subtly adapt to the existing terrain and trees. Consequently circulation is in the form of an internal journey beginning at the access courtyard and reaching its destination at the terrace, with its sea view.

The project of Casa Delta shows clear sectorisation: the larger timber-covered volume of the first floor houses the suites of the children and guests; the terrace accommodates the master suite and living areas. The sectorisation is identifiable through the contrast between the heavy longitudinal block, which appears to be attached to the topography, and the light, sloping canopy, supported by tubular-sectioned columns. This spatial organization flexibility the use of the residence since the terrace has been designed as an autonomous pavillion designed specifically for the couple, so that the entire first floor may be closed off, if required.

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