Architectural photographer Julius Shulman and his house

This contemporary home was built in the middle of the last century in the Hollywood Hills for a great architectural photographer Julius Shulman by the famous architect Raphael Soriano. The photographer has lived in the house until his death in 2009, after which the house changed it’s owners. In 1987, the house was declared a monument of architecture of Los Angeles, as a reflective moment in the history of architecture of Southern California. Before the new masters of the building appears, the house was not in the best shape: plywood paneling was peeling on the bathroom and kitchen have become outdated, and the heating system required replacement. To develop the project of restoration and renovation, architectural studio LOHA was contracted. The company has conducted extensive research on the status and constructive project of the original building, and explore the different architecture of the same period. The main task of the architects was to create a place to live, not a museum, while not forgetting that it is – a monument of architecture. As a result, the main authors were retained solutions and to use the original materials, especially in the “key points”, repairing this masterpiece of 372 square meters.

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