Chalet Lac Gate

“Chalet Lac Gate” located on Gate Lake, on a plot of almost 8000 square meters, is implanted at the edge of a wooded mature cedar trunks.

Although the footprint of the two-storey building is important, roofs are inclined in the same direction as the slope of the site to minimize the volume and harmonize its integration into the landscape. The main access is on one level to the upper floor by a large portico protected by a roof. The lower floor, including living room, kitchen and dining room, is at the same level as the surrounding ground outside, allowing easy access to the field by many doors on three sides being close to lake. A large terrace adjacent to the master bedroom offers the most clear view of the lake and a generous sunning space for its occupants. The Chalet Lac Gate is composed of stone and cedar cladding, clean natural materials, and zinc coated steel roofs are turned on facades partly in the manner of a box protecting its contents while allowing the scenery to penetrate heart of the project. Chalet Lac Gate is designed by the architectural Studio Boom Town. You can find HERE another beautiful Lake Cabin you will be pleased to watch,

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