Lake Cabin
This lake cabin in the woods near a beautiful lake (of course, 🙂 ) has a total area of ​​43 square meters. Before this place was a small fishing lodge, but it decayed, and the owner decided to replace the structure. Viewing from the window in any weather – that was owner’s main desire. One of the walls of the house, facing the side of the lake, is made entirely of glass. This wall-box enables you to watch the lake throughout the year, regardless of the vagaries of the weather. At first glance, it seems that in this lake cabin, is not even food. But this is the tricky part: it is hidden in a wooden cube which occupies part of the living room. Its minimalist decoration and walls are covered with cement, furniture – gray, in the same tone. Steel shiny facades prevents this brutal interior look gloomy and depressing.

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