Cottage R.

We present to you: Cottage R. or Cabane R. on it’s real name, given by the architects from Kunik de Morsier architectes Studio. This country house is situated in the district of Jura, Switzerland.

Architects have developed a cozy space of 160 sqm with attention to the peculiarities of the geographical location of the customer and the needs of the family. The first floor of the house was adapted to the natural terrain by creating a system of podiums of different heights. They are the same shape as the rock formations around the house and make it possible to make a space living room and kitchen open. Front of the Cottage R. does not have a specific focus, but rather oriented at 360 degrees for a better view of the lake, the mountains and the surrounding fields.  Original building and innovation system, when the walls and frame made of wood are combined and inserted into each other. Larch, fir and spruce are used outside and in the interior also, which is giving the building its unique character.

Oh, I almost forgot: why it’s name is “Cabane R.? Very simple! The clients are R. Family.

Photo: Eik Frenzel

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