Another small house. 37 sq meters ONLY!

This mobile small house is a successful combination of a small living space and optimum organization of space. At 37 square meters everything fits for your needs. It is very good for trips – a little more than usual cabins and very comfortable! Architecture company Wheelhaus, specialized in the creation of small mobile homes, presented its new residential project, having a width of 3.5 meters only and a length of 10 meters. Wedge Cabin – is a small but perfectly functional house, which is equipped with all the necessary residential areas including a living room, bedroom, bathroom and a place for cooking. The house is built in a rustic style, so you can see inside the presence of thick wooden planks, stone and a deliberate simplicity in the interior. A model like this can be used as a shelter for one or two people or temporary shelter on vacation. With its compact dimensions, Wedge Cabin can be placed on the vehicle and trailer to carry in any other place.

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