Nasu Tepee
Recently, in the forest of the Japanese prefecture of Tochigi an original house appeared, reminiscent of a few tents interconnected. Now the owners, arriving there on weekends, will be able to feel like a camping trip. NAP design studio headed by the renowned architect Hiroshi Nakamura to design and implement the construction of a country house called Nasu Tepee. Construction area of ​​156 square meters consists of several pyramidal structures interconnected. Customers wanted the house to be located in the woods away from people, thus reminding them of camping trips. The interiors are made in bright colors. The height of the highest point of the house is up to eight meters, which promotes good air circulation. Triangular window are positioned so that sunlight can penetrate into a home during daylight hours. Some of the rooms are separated from the common space of glass doors with delicate flowers inside.

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