11 ideas using an old non-working Piano

Piano, like most musical instruments, is a true work of art and even when it has lost its working qualities, it is still a beautiful object that can decorate the interior or why not, exterior :). We present to you in this review 11 ideas about how you can use an old piano. So, don’t throw it! Here’s why:

1. Computer Desk


Old piano turned into an unique computer desk.

2. Home Bar


Piano as a gourmet bar.

3. Place for storing tools


A convenient way to store multiple tools.

4. Wall bookshelf


Original and spectacular shelf piano.

5. Pots for plants


Pots for plants of an old piano will look great in the garden.

6. Outdoor Fountain


Old piano, turned into an unusual fountain garden.

7. Shelf for sundries


Unusual Regiment of the piano, which attracts attention and arouses interest.

8. Bedside Tables


Saw in half as the original piano bedside tables.

9. Indoor aquarium


Unusual and unique aquarium inside an old piano.

10. Shelf for children’s clothes and toys


Excellent choice shelf in the nursery for baby, passionate for music.

11. Simple desk


Elegant workplace instead of the old piano.

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