House in Belgium

Architects François Martens and Edouard Brunet completely updated and remodeled a typical house in Belgium, turning it into a comfortable accommodation for two families.

Originally, there lived a family, but when the children grew up, the owner of the five-story building decided to sell the house to a friend, so the architects had to create an extra level apartment. Attic floor, with a view of the city, is determined by the living room. At the same time the rear part of the roof was demolished to build the terrace and create a console space where before was a staircase. The kitchen filled with natural light, is also built on top – hence the views of the courtyard, gardens and Brussels. The new console space emphatically modern and succinctly. All service functions of the House in Belgium (kitchen, staircase, toilet and shower) takes on a single piece of furniture from a birch tree, which goes to all floors and rooms. The outer staircase that leads to the different apartment, was designed to order. The bathroom was completely redone and decorated with bamboo and iron. Photo: Studio Dennis De Smet.

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