Modern private house in the suburbs

M2 Architectural Group designed a modern private house in the suburbs of Moscow, of 275 square meters.

Their main task was to build a modern building, most associated with the surrounding landscape. From there, the attention to natural light and windows with great views. Moreover, in the construction of a birch preserved everything from the field, where the building is located.

This modern private house consists of two buildings. In the first, small there is a garage and a system of ventilation and heating. The second building is a two-storey, with large views. The facades are lined with planks of larch. Inside of this modern private house there is a living, adjacent to the dining room and terrace. The overall style of the interior is quite restrained, almost minimalist, but expressive. Also, the architect used  original lamps, bookcases and unusual bright color accents. On the second floor there is a small living room, which was later turned into a children’s room. There are bedrooms, covered with wood and a bathroom decorated with tiles under the Travertine. A warm and pleasant furniture materials complement the spiritual image of a country house. Wood which covers the house, integrates perfectly on the forest area.

A modern private house worth of looking. Photo: Eugene Kulibaba

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