“Hollow trunk”: a new house shelter


This is “Le Tronc Creux” – a shelter for the night, in nature. Near the city of Bordeaux (France) in a forest, we found a wooden cylinder, a hollow trunk made ​​of natural materials and resembling a fallen tree. This is a special house-shelter, where you can stay for the night, spending the weekend in nature with your family or with friends. French architectural studio Bruit du Frigo has implemented a project to build a series of original dwellings in the territory of a forested area. This hollow trunk is made of a steel frame covered with boards. Provides thermal insulation layers made of recycled wood. Inside is enough space to accommodate 9 people. The cylinder is equipped with three single beds, three double beds, folding table and chairs.






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2 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    Really nice work, french Stuff 😉 a warm shelter on the Wood, well done guy!

  2. Bob says:

    but additionally inracese the winter season , clothes, as well as home cannot wake up good as well as comfy as well as fashionable, should you additionally noticed that , colored the actual cult associated with purchasers as well as energy procedures as well as supplies, as well as presumes that you’re not really willing in order to disregard the manufacturer. The actual visit associated with the north face sale Matters is within reaction to the Canadian goose layer style for females. Skilled it had been a lot more compared to globe.

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