From an abandoned building into an ultramodern bar

On one of the islands of the Azores, Portugal, an abandoned building have been transformed into an ultramodern bar, called Cella Bar.

Its unusual “streamlined” shape, and the wood on the background of the rocky cliffs, the bar made it a favorite destination for local inhabitants. The authors of Cella Bar was the architectural Studio FCC Arquitectura with a participation of an interior designer, Paulo Lobo. Experts did not developed the project from scratch, because an abandoned building was already there. They just transformed a “dead” space into a “space ship”. This building was empty for several years and the team had to be very skilled to work hard to bring it into proper form. Architects reconstructed the roof, door and window openings, creating also a spectacular “streamlined” extension made of natural wood. The designer Paulo Lobo had to resolve a 322sq space of this internal abandoned building that needed to be processed in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Through the use of natural materials, the designers managed to achieve a sense of comfort and coziness inside. At the end, everything came up to life: from an abandoned building into an ultramodern bar worth of visiting. Photography: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

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