Twins. Houses in Five Parts

The architects from WOJR have designed an unusual residential house named “ Twins Houses ”.

The two buildings are located in upstate New York and are constructed from various geometric shapes. Created for two brothers, it was particularly important for the architects to feature geometric shapes such as the hexagon and the polygon. During the winter months, the object’s exterior facades represent a striking contrast to the snowy landscape.

The interior seeks to create comfort though keeping minimalist styling that fuse with the serenity of nature. While getting out of the cold and cozy up inside, the large windows that almost cover the entire home let you take in the the forest-filled surroundings protected. Large windows allow a direct view into the surrounding landscape of nature and tranquility.

For the moment, Twins Houses project is just a design development, visualizations being made by Peter Guthrie, and an estimated budget for the whole project is up to $2,000,000 (for a total area of 6400 square feet.

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