Apartment for a couple in Yokohama


Architects from Sinato Studio decided to renovate an apartment for a couple in the city of Yokohama, Japan.

Total area – 64 sq. Instead of creating a single unit, which would have concentrated the main living functions, the designers decided to organize the space so that different zones smoothly flows from one to the other, creating a single living area. In their view, this approach will provide residents maximum freedom in a limited space.

The main part of the apartment is an open L-shaped space, which by means of two south-western windows filled with light and fresh air all home. Wooden partition repeats the L-shaped main zone and is part of the furniture: it is possible to store books and other stuff, sit and even to ride – thanks to this versatility, this element became a unifying symbol of the whole space.

This apartment also includes a kitchen and a space as designers called “inner terrace “- is a spacious and well-lit area that also serves as a ” buffer ” between the bedroom and the rest of the apartment. All the space is organized in a circle and closes the carrier wall on either side of which are located a bedroom and dressing room. Check another similar apartment with 28sq only from Just3ds.com.







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