The Edge House
All I can say is: WOW!!! This Edge House is a futuristic mansion, a modern architectural masterpiece. Amazing “Edge House” is created by the famous architect Charles Wright with 555 square meters (single level). Excellent project recently received the title “Building of the Year 2015“. However, one look at it and is enough to understand that he got it’s reward for good reason. No words can describe the beauty and charm of the edge house on Flagstaff Hill and recalls images from some science fiction movies. This unusual house is located in Port Douglas, Queensland (Australia), having a view on the endless ocean. It is the desire to demonstrate the beauty of the landscape which forced the architect to develop such an unusual design of the house.

As a result, the living room offers a spectacular view of the ocean and the mountains to 180 degrees. The room turned into a luxury recreation area for the whole family. On the rooftop are the water tanks with hydraulic system. There are energy-saving lighting. Due to the reinforced concrete shell of the house is always cool, besides it saves from tropical storms. Waterfall? Well… yes, waterfall in the house, helps to maintain the temperature. Living room, dining room and kitchen, two bedrooms, four bathrooms and a balcony with a panoramic swimming pool – it’s not just a house, it is a miracle of the future: The Edge House by Charles Wright.

Update: If anyone want it, must pay $7.4 million but it’s offered fully furnished.

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