Renovation of a private house in Spain

Studio Lluis Corbella Architecture & Design entrusted with an important task: the renovation of a private house in Spain.

This house was created initially by a Catalan architect Francesc Mitjans in the 1960s. The building had to be updated in line with modern standards of comfortable living and also to install an elevator that connects all floors of the house. Each of the three residential levels has its own character and is perceived as a separate dwelling. Garage for the boat, which was at the lowest level, turned into a living room with spectacular sea views. On the top two floors and a living room with a terrace. The old floors, windows, shutters and furniture have been preserved, but the spirit of the 1960s, has been transferred already using the new features. Played some old techniques and materials for finishing and decorating the home, such as rugs, woven from ropes and tile kitchen and fireplace. New windows and doors have been made on the basis of the proportions of their predecessors. The house has retained even old fixtures. Renovation of a private house in Spain transforms the house completely preserving the original atmosphere created by Architect Francesc Mitjans. Photo: Lluis Corbella, Eva Cotman and Jelena Babic.

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