Redesign an apartment in Tel Aviv

Interior Designer Hila Amir Hollander decided to redesign an apartment in Tel Aviv and she had a very good idea.

Since the apartment has an awkward triangular layout, the task was to create something in harmony and comfort despite the angles of the apartment. Making the living room bigger, she placed the small wooden room in the middle, which serves as a closet, apartment having now a circulated feel. Redesigning an apartment it’s not just “moving or arraging the furniture”. It’s more than that, so Hila turned some complicated spaces into a home with her creative ideas, combining graphic design with architecture. She deserves more attention due the fact that even the shape of the apartment is somehow triangular, she decided to implement curved furniture, referring at the bathroom space and/or the transition from dining area to living room. A lot of wood stripes on the wall makes the space more warm and cozy. A beautiful redesign an apartment in Tel Aviv from Hila Amir Hollander. Photos by Itay Sikolski.

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