20 fantastic doors from around the world

Extraordinary, outstanding, elegant and mysterious doors often perceived as an opportunity to get into some kind of a magical world. I think this is just extraordinary, and it is sure to be a fairy tale. Yes, definitely, these 20 fantastic doors just have to be a portal in a beautiful country!

1. Copenhagen, Denmark


This fantastic door is decorated with a variety of colorful birdhouses

2. Songkhla, Thailand


Stunning wooden doors, which are already more than 200 years

3. Vallauris, Italy


The massive wooden door decorated with wrought iron elements

4. The door to the garden, Japan


Garden door covered with green moss

5. Paris, France


Luxurious Art Nouveau fantastic door

6. Vallauris, Italy


Fantastic door with a bright predominant red pictures

7. Funchal, Madeira, Portugal


An ordinary wooden door, decorated with a painting depicting a beautiful mermaid

8. Washington, USA


Fairy oval door

9. Putrajaya, Malaysia


Fantastic door in a classic style, decorated with architectural elements

10. Jaipur, India


Door in an oriental style, decorated with colorful images of peacocks

11. Brussels, Belgium


Wooden door with glass elements in Art Nouveau style

12. Port, Italy


Piano keys as front door. No: Fantastic front door as piano keys

13. Ferrara, Italy


Round glass door

14. Paris, France


Fantastic front door painted in bright colors

15. The Secret Garden


Front door painted in bright colors.

16. Bali, Indonesia


Bright door, decorated with colorful mosaics

17. Barcelona, ​​Spain


Fantastic wooden door with rectangular shapes

18.Sardinia, Italy


Dark green door surrounded by purple vines

19. Beijing, China


Red door painted with beautiful Chinese Peonies

20. Rabat, Morocco


Wooden fantastic door painted.

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  1. Nghushakala says:

    I would be very awkward to enter and exit the two doors most polpee expect the door handle for a storm door to match the side for the main door. Imagine trying to open the door with an armful of groceries or bags. As long as you have a good compressible weatherstripping on all 4 edges of the storm door, you have done the best you can to keep heat inside your house. I would concentrate on weatherstripping and put both sets of hinges on the same side.

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