Pablo Reinoso: Spaghetti Bench


French-Argentine artist and designer Pablo Reinoso lives and works in Paris since 1978. Originally a sculptor, he imagines his first spaghetti bench / sculpture at the age of 15. Exploring worlds and different materials creates work object, including several series revolving around benches, the anonymous design that sublime adding life and poetry as in the series “Spaghetti Bench” and “Beam Benches “.

With its series “Spaghetti Bench”, the designer Pablo Reinoso explores the subject and matter, that overcomes its function here and continues wooden path, tree, plant. It stages of the benches, having accomplished their furniture business, revert branches that grow and climb. This freedom is expressed in a move that marries architecture, explore the city by exploring the nooks and crannies.

The “Beam Benches”, his latest series started in 2011 goes even further reflection on the subject, starting from a single steel joist taking life and turning into bench seat, pedestal. The original heavy and cold steel is transformed to draw light and transparent spaces.

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