Modern BoatHouse in Foros, Ukraine

On the Black Sea, in Foros, Ukraine, the house “Foros coast” was recently built being a modern boathouse – a house with “garage” for yachts and spacious apartments on the second and third floors. Initially, the client needed a garage for the winter storage of his 13-meter yacht. Then it was decided to build 3 apartments for rent, as well as a separate space for the captain himself.

Due to the unusual shape of the building of modern, large windows in the floor, and the white facade, boathouse stands out against the background of the surrounding coastal development. All apartments are equipped with high quality Italian furniture in white. Due to the fact that the narrow windows let in a little light enough, entering the apartment there is a strong contrast in terms of both the amount of light, and from the standpoint of the surrounding natural landscape. Also, narrow windows used in the end of the building, ensure maximum privacy of residents.

The building is constructed of reinforced concrete to withstand possible earthquakes and possible storms in the winter.Next door to the hangar, in addition to the boarding house, are located cottages of Gorbachev, Viktor Yanukovych and other political figures of Ukraine and Russia.

A beautiful yes simple design by Robin Monotti Architects.

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