House in Hibaru, Japan

Customer desire is was to be closer to natural sources so Japanese architects embraced literally this idea and built a house on the slope of the river. From a distance, it seems as if pitched roof slowly “slide” down, dragging the whole 3 floors. Architecture Studio Suppose Design Office has recently completed the construction of a residential house called oblique House in Hibaru, located on the island of Fukuoka, Japan. The basis of building up is the concrete slab, but inside it is trimmed with natural wood. House area of ​​112 square meters consists of 3 levels. On top is a bathroom and a utility room. On the second floor there is a bedroom and a room for a children. And the ground floor is equipped with a seating area and a kitchen. Thanks to the wide stained-glass windows extending around the perimeter of the level of the living room and dining room, you can enjoy scenic views of the river and forest.

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