Cool Designs for January 2015

Among the hundreds of thousands of jobs that appear every day on the websites design category, there aren’t many who deserve special attention. Cool designs are not just some unusual ideas. Anything created by human, should be part of life, like a missing puzzle. So, we present to you a collection of cool designs.

Loch Ness Monster Spoon
The company’s designers have come up with a ladle Ototo that will terrorize the hot depths of your soup pot. Resembling the Loch Ness monster, you will not get bored in the kitchen.



Lights for garden – solar powered
Lights in the form of a raccoon and squirrels became very animated in the garden space, even if it’s night or day. Who wouldn’t love this economically cute little animals?



Portable Printer for iPhone
Printeroid miniature device allows you to print images from the screens of mobile devices that fit in your pocket. You can add special paper with the width of 7 inches and a length of 10 meters. Pretty cool, huh?



Walking with Dad on a SaddleBaby
SaddleBaby – best vehicle for kids. Fastened it on your shoulders, if you’re always busy with your smartphone, camera or other gadgets. This allows you to carry a child on you shoulders, staying very comfortable and adult hands remaining



Sofa Nest
Israeli designers Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr presented unusual sofa that looks like a bird’s nest. “Nest” is presented in four sizes and can accommodate from 2 to 16 people.



Bear of the north
The original holder of tea bags was developed and submitted from the Japanese design studio Necktie. Bear is located on a small circular surface, which is a kind of cover for the cup, allowing the drink to be kept warm, and a space to put the pieces of sugar or candy.



In appearance it’s a regular knife. But it is necessary to press the button on the handle of the knife, and it turns into a toaster and makes bread slices toasted and crispy. And also looks like a lightsaber from “Star Wars.”



Napkin with optical illusion
Original cloth introduced by Japanese design studio APWorks – with the help of the figure as if it “breaks” the space, and everything is not so dense.



External mini battery for smartphones



Bed liner, on which you can draw
This is a nice set from Doodle by Stitch. It comes with a complete set of colored markers. Paint markers are water soluble, so after each wash everything will be pure white.



Share-bulbs for books
For book lovers, Peleg Design studio have come up with original separator in the form of a lamp.



Open toys for vegetables
Original idea developed by designers from FabShop. A series of devices called Open Toys attached to the fruits and vegetables turning them into toys.



Lamp for reading in the dark
Another gift for book reading lovers – if it’s dark and everyone is asleep, and you like to read, this lamp is very useful. Page will be carefully highlighted, without disturbing anyone.

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