Open Book

This apartment it’s only 50 sqm but we will tell you it’s secret. The first one is that it’s named: “Open Book”. Despite the very limited space, a young owner of an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine want to have it all: living room, kitchen, dining area, home theater, bedroom, dressing room, a small library and a decent bathroom. To make a complete Residential Space, Architectural Studio Sergey Makhno developed the concept of “room with a large closet”.

This project it’s like a puzzle: behind sliding doors are located 2 spaces: closer to the entrance there is a guest cloakroom and a bathroom with a toilet; behind it – the library shelves; then – walk-in closet; and finally – a cozy bedroom. Only when the door closes, “wardrobe” reveals his true destiny, extending deep into the living space.

Besides color, the interior of the “Open Book” is also distinguished by it’s textures. The glossy surface of a white frame furniture created specifically for the project based on sketches by Sergey Makhno, and an array of the black marble create a contrast with the natural wood on the floor, wall panels and the wooden base of the kitchen island. Smooth surface alternating with relief. Completes the image designer lighting in conjunction with hidden light sources.

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  1. Deborah Danniels-French says:

    Looks interesting but I always wish a floor plan would be included!

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