Project dontDIY

Project dontDIY fulfilled decorated apartment V01, located on the first floor of an old house in the center of Sofia, Bulgaria.

The aim of the project was to fill the space with natural light and create comfortable conditions for life. The corridor widened due to a small storage room, and on the site of the former kitchen is located closet. Bedrooms and the living area of ​​the apartment separated. White Multi functional storage hides the washing machine and a rich collection of shoes hostess. On the left of the entrance to the living room is designed a kitchen of plywood that is also hidden behind sliding snow-white facade. A small room fireplace adds coziness and warmth. One of the walls in the living room serves as a projection screen. Dressing room is combined with sleeping space for dogs and yoga. Project dontDIY. Photos: Asen Emilov

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