Excellent small house of only 22 sqm


Two young lovers which travels a lot, built for themselves a cozy excellent small house on wheels.

This small house is 22 square meters only, but inside there is everything you need for a comfortable stay of two people. Brian and Joni Buzarde are wonderful host campers, which they named this excellent small house: Woody. It really lives up to its name. Outside it is sheathed with boards of cedar, and the inside veneered birch plywood. In addition, warm look of natural wood creates additional comfort in the room. 22 square meters are enough? The couple managed to arrange all, which you can find usually located in an apartment: a working kitchen bar, a place to relax, a double bed on the second level and they found a place for a mini-fridge. The total length of the camper is 8 meters long per 2.6 meters and the height at the highest point is 4.1 meters (these are the maximum sizes allowed in the United States to take special permission). The value of all construction works and materials for this excellent small house was $50.000. The couple said that they intend to stay in this as long as they don’t make babies. You love small houses? Try these:

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