Vina’s Tiny House. 13 sq Meters Only
“Convenient – does not mean a lot” – this expression is guided by a talented designer, designing small but clean house. One of her last works was a wooden construction area of ​​only 13 square meters. m. Despite such a tiny size, the house has everything you need for daily living. American architect Vina Lustado has more than 20 years of experience in the field of design. Basically its objects were large industrial buildings, interiors for corporate offices. After some time, the designer realized that she wanted to create something less massive, so she focused on the design of ecological and affordable housing. As noted by itself Vina, the main principles, which it holds in its work – it’s simplicity and functionality.
Vina Lustado is the owner of the company “Sol Haus Design”, specializing in the creation of environmentally friendly and affordable housing. Perhaps one of the most prominent completed projects became her own home. So she made a construction of ​​only 13 square meters. This house is perfectly placed on a trailer and can be delivered to any location. We also have another article where we present a much bigger house having 37sq meters 🙂 Check it here!

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