Floating house, a salvation from seasonal flooding


Climatic conditions are changing the world every year, and not for the better. Sea levels are slowly, but surely increasing. Frequent floods, which have become real for Europe by natural disasters, prompted one of the architectural companies, on the idea of ​​creating houseboats. London architectural company Carl Turner Architects published on their website a draft floating home (Floating House). Getting to the development of this building, the architects have tried to solve the problem of insufficient use of waterways UK and frequent seasonal flooding. Floating House have an installed floating rubberized tray 7 x 20 meters. Full functioning of the house practically does not depend on external factors. On the sides of buildings are vertical panels, serving as solar panels. Also,  There will be a system to collect rainwater. The main “texture” inside the house involves wood with a high level of waterproofing. The idea of this floating ​​home is very simple, so it can be installed on a pallet, and the coastal stilts. Since the major components will be produced at the factory and delivered to a place already prepared, mounting structure does not take much time. In addition, the architects company, Carl Turner Architects issued the detailed diagrams and descriptions of building a houseboat. Nice!





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