Modern vacation house from Finne Studio

Architectural Studio Finne created a modern vacation house made of wood, glass and stone in a secluded mountain valley in Washington, DC.

Interior design of the modern vacation house is decorated with many unusual items of metal, broken glass and wood. In this project there is a very successful combination of natural materials. Decorated with natural stone, executed in the style of the ancient centers of heat fireplace, it fits into the authoritarian elements in common with the ancient architecture of the interior wooden structures. Open truss system enhances the emotional experience massiveness bearing beams. Beams confidently rely on the unique ideas of designers – I-beams made of V-shaped supporting columns. Due almost entirely glass facade, the entire space of this modern vacation house is practically insoluble in standing next to the house pines. Also, it’s a very good location of the house – adjacent to the structure of the hill station of suburban homes close to 180 degrees, protected against possible winds. The opposite side of the modern vacation house opens onto a large field, decorated golden grass. Architectural idea of ​​the project impresses with its non-parallel lines. A window follows the curve of the roof, creating a sense that the roof soars. The bedroom door to the balcony does not open in the classical way, and turns 360 degrees. From the window, a truly magical view of the mountains in the background of no less spectacular green forest. Enough large bedroom offers stunning views due to the nature of the windows seems incredibly spacious. A great modern vacation house from Finne Studio.

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