House from containers

“Do you want something done right, do it yourself” – such thought was guided by a fragile girl from Quebec (Canada), who decided to build a house from containers.

Calculating the “pros” and “cons”, the basis of this home, she took shipping containers, made all the calculations, control the process of construction of the building and … she got a house of her dreams. Claudie Dubreuil, is a general contractor working in one of the companies in Quebec. By the nature of her profession she has to deal with serious and long-term projects. But when it came to the construction of her own house, Claude wanted to approach the matter creatively. To implement her plan, she took four shipping containers and place them on top of each other, creating also 2 floors. Outside, the resulting design was trimmed with natural pine and interior of the house was covered with white paint. All wires were pulled out and are hidden under the skin. To get her dream home, the girl had to spend on the house from containers 350,000 dollars, which I believe that is too expensive. Now, depending on the budget, you can transform your existing house, you can make your own house from containers or, depending of your area living, you can buy a new house.

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  1. Arturo DeCastro says:

    I was wondering if the inside has insulation or is in the out side, also the finish inside.

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