Michael Herrman Studio – Madeleine


This apartment Place de la Madeleine is the result of the reunification of 12 good rooms on two floors. Directed by Michael Herrman Studio, this duplex project has three bedrooms and retains an authentic character to the image of the pre-Haussmann building in which it is located.

Organized around a large open plan apartment is like a museum preserving the original features limestone stone walls and oak beams that meet the additions of the architect as the floor and glass walls . Playing on transparency, this choice allows to visually connect the parts to each other while opening the space on the outside.

In the center of the apartment is a courtyard open to the sky surrounded by high walls 5m glass. Furnished with a marble fireplace nineteenth, and a ceremonial mirror inserted into a living wall that covers a whole side of the court on 6 meters high, the court takes the appearance of an apartment living room . The interior and exterior design is high contrast but share a blurred boundary through the living wall that juts inward while vegetation seems to move through the glass walls. On the ground, the architect has created continuity between inside and outside, the real tiles extend towards the court in a vinyl coating Bolon the grounds specially designed by Michael Herrman.

Photos: © Marc Henderson

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