Pole House – The house over the ocean


In the list of the most unusual, and sometimes the extreme examples of modern architecture, Australia is not the last. Once again, the architects of the country surprised the public by building a home for lovers of “sharp” sensations, at a height of 40 meters. If you stand on the bridge, staring straight ahead, it seems like a house is floating in the air. Australian architectural company F2 Architecture presented a magnificent house – The Pole House, built in the coastal strip of Fairhaven Beach. The inhabitants of the home are admiring the scenic views of the ocean almost the same as others are doing so, however, with a height of 40 meters.
To get inside the house, you must pass through a narrow bridge with a glass enclosure and it seems that the construction ia “hanging” in the air. The Pole House – this house is not for permanent residence, but rather for a extreme romantic getaway. The interior has a modern style including a bed King-size and a decorative fireplace. Instead of walls on both sides the are glass sliding doors installed from floor to ceiling to create an incredible open space. Anyone can rent the place for one or more days. However, this “pleasure” is not cheap. Price per night up to 1,220 Australian dollars (approx. $990 per night).






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