Life on wheels: Pro and Cons

Many are starting to understand that the smaller – the better, and moving to a small house, is a good idea for many of us. In fact, this movement becomes more popular in the world every day. United States is very happy when it comes to compact and mobile homes. We offer a look into the advantages and disadvantages of living in a house on wheels.
According to statistics in the United States, when children begin to live separately from their parents, have a desire to move into a cozy little house and continue to live on. Young people, on the contrary, does not consider the possibility of living in compact homes as a priority and dreams of spacious apartment or a traditional large house. In addition, it should be added that the retired people prefer small mobile homes, since it is a wonderful way to travel.

Advantages of small houses on wheels
Savings. As already mentioned, financially, a house on wheels is much more profitable. If you move into a house on wheels, you can save thousands.
Environmentally friendly. Campers are more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient than a large stationary house.
Economy size. A small house does not take up much space unnecessarily, and every square centimeter is used efficiently.
You do not need a large plot of land. Small Houses does not need a large piece of land. If you do not like the place where you left off at a time, you can move to another. It’s easy and inexpensive.
Not the high cost of repairs and cleaning. The small house repairs or cleaning will not scare the scale and cost. You’ll need a few minutes instead of hours to put everything in order. Think about saving time and effort.
Smaller costs for heating and air conditioning. The smaller house, the cheaper utility bills.
Cost in respect of decoration. Because of a compact cabin, there is no need to think about how to decorate the room, because all that is needed is the required set of high-quality furniture. Therefore, to decorate a house on wheels is easily and economically.

Disadvantages of small houses on wheels
Despite the advantages, living in a small house on wheels presents a number of disadvantages:
Illnesses and injuries. If you get sick or cause injury to yourself, to live in a small house would be uncomfortable because of lack of space. For example, to go upstairs, where the master bedroom is, you must walk through steep stairs, which is difficult and dangerous. Even back pain can be an overwhelming discomfort. Also, if you put a house in a remote area, the aid will have to wait a very long time.
Building codes. Each region has its own regulations, which regulate the construction work, and in most cases there is nothing about a motor home. Local authorities often do not know how to build relationships with the owners of these houses, authorizing the parking of the house. Even if everything seems logical, there aren’t special procedural laws from small houses.
The public opinion. It does not matter how much you like your house. Always, among the relatives, friends and strangers, there are detractors who do not approve your choice of living.
No personal space. If, for example, you are working at home, the place for organizing a private office in a small house it’s almost impossible, because it’s already a little living space.
Small kitchen. Cooking in a small kitchen is always uncomfortable. Little storage space. This is a big problem that you will have to face on a daily basis. In addition, you will not be able to purchase goods in bulk, because you don’t have space to store.


Interior of this small house with geometric and color features, which looks different from most other interiors, is made with the latest approaches and techniques in the field. Inside the house, a lot of daylight, which is important for comfort. Daylight, warm wood make the house to breathe. The walls are insulated, and the floor is heated.

Modular furniture is right for living in such compact spaces. The kitchen gets enough space to work, and the sofa plays a big role, having boxes to store things. The folding table can be used as a dining and as a desktop. Concealed cupboards complement the image and serve as a basis for a spacious bed upstairs.
In this house there was a place for a bathroom, the area of ​​which amounted to about two square meters. It has everything you need: a mirror, a boiler to heat 75 liters of water, wash basin and toilet. Interestingly, in a bath fitted with valves economical consumption of water, which can be used as a shower, if necessary, if you hang it.

Japanese aesthetics

Even if the house is small and the furniture is small, this Japanese-style house have a place even for a mat. Due to it’s minimalism and clarity of layout, there is everything you need for a comfortable life.

The whole house consists of a kitchen, room for tea parties, bed and bathroom. The decoration of the Japanese tradition including the mat, place for tea, hidden in the floor and the bathroom. Thanks to the many windows in the house made not only for natural light, but also for the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Near the place for tea is a kitchen with all necessary appliances for cooking: worktop, sink, refrigerator, freezer, cupboards and stove with two gas burners. Japanese-style bed  is above the kitchen. In the role of the traditional beds are tatami mats for 6 cm thick. This beautiful little house like all supporters of a minimalist interior decoration.

Small Home build with your own hands

Christopher and Melissa Tak built this house with their own hands, including interior design. The house is absolutely suitable for the life of the artist and photographer, as well as two cats. The box for storing tools, also serves as sofa and bed.

House was a bit larger than the standard campers, but it was done deliberately to ensure comfort. In the kitchen was a place for a large refrigerator.

House for holiday

Purchase a small house but you don’t need to completely change your life. It can be used for rest and recuperation, going on vacation or spending a weekend in the countryside. There are companies which sells several small houses and set them in the forest near Boston, but far away from civilization. They have a large bed, stove for cooking, toilet, shower, classic literature and board games.

The house is spacious, the room is not overloaded with furniture and windows thanks to a lot of daylight have a lovely view of the surroundings. This lovely house is perfect for non-durable stay.


Trailer House

In the past, this small camper was a trailer. In total, it took three weeks to make it a cottage area of ​​20 square meters, which managed to be sold for $36.000. House both inside and outside looks more like a residential building than most traditional campers, large windows and a porch, which is easily removed, if you want to move the house to another place. Inside there is a full and spacious kitchen with a stove, a large fridge, sink with pull-out faucets and traditional kitchen cabinets. The house is bright with large windows and a glass door. The residential part of the house is a bedroom and sitting area. Surprisingly, in the house there was a place and a bathroom with a shower bath area with about 3 square meters.


Luxury vacation away from civilization

Perhaps this small house resembles a trailer house, but inside awaits a luxurious interior. Despite its size (width of the house of 2.5 meters with an area of ​​20 square meters), a small house can become a quite spacious house and can have more than one and two bedrooms. The house have a place for a full kitchen with a comfortable work surface, stove, cabinets, wine cooler and large refrigerator. In the living room, there is a couch and a dining table, which is used as a desk – these zones are separated by a partition. In the bathroom there is a wash basin and a bio-toilet.


Vacation Home

For some people, such as for designer Christina Christ, the little house on wheels is associated with relaxation and summer. Her property covers an area of ​​9 square meters, travels with her family on the roads. In the same house, the family spends a vacation at the lake. A surprising feature of the house is the large windows from floor to ceiling. They not only provide access to daylight, but also provide an opportunity to enjoy the scenery.

Inside, there is a sofa that unfolds and turns into a bed, an equipped kitchen with a sink, storage lockers and a microwave. In addition, the house has a private, outdoor shelter from sun and rain, and everything you need for a comfortable relaxing holiday.

Very small house

The area of ​​this small house is about 7 square meters. The walls of the house are decorated with insulating materials and floor mounted heating system. At the top of the zone bedrooms are located and fitted window. Custom-made folding table and benches are the central objects of the living room and part kitchen, which has a mini-fridge, stove and Water distributors. But the original house is not suitable for a long stay, as there is neither a toilet nor bathroom.

More windows than walls

This spacious and bright camper area of ​​12 square meters have more windows than walls. It is the result of the owner ideas, which he built it with his own hands. Construction is multi-functional and comfortable, also in the house, the owner managed to establish enough lockers.

In addition, it has a living room, two tables – working and dining, and a plurality of shelves. The kitchen is equipped with everything you need, and the bathroom have a sink, toilet and shower. In the bedroom area, which is located in the attic is a lot of space, so there is established a wardrobe, shelves and bedside table at the head of the bed, which also plays the role of the cabinet.

Cozy apple house

This small house, has everything you need. Interior of this house is decorated with wood. The kitchen is mostly made of wood, including walls, floors and cabinets. The stairs lead upstairs to the bedroom area, playing the role of shelves for storage of different things. The bathroom has a sink, toilet and shower. This house can be used for both, temporary and extended stay as it is equipped with everything necessary.

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