Small Apartment Design for a Girl

Workshop design Geometrium is presenting a small apartment design made for a girl from Moscow. She bought a simple apartment in the Moscow suburbs, creating a gorgeous space for living with the help of the designers. The owner wanted a kitchen island as a space for chat with friends, drink and discuss ideas and plans. Much better: to be a part of the living. So designers made the decision regarding this small apartment design, “splitting” the island in two main parts: “kitchen area” – with the hob and “bar area” – with 3 stools. It turned out a small kitchen but very functional with everything you need to cook. On the main kitchen wall, there is a laser-cut plywood map and between the hob and the map is a TV (thinking¬† that the owner doesn’t look at it so often). The maps is only for visual pleasure? Well, yes but not only that. This mysterious girl like to travel a lot so she wanted a maps to be able to pin every single country she visited. Some of the walls, ceiling and floor are made of white concrete so the designers wants the light to come in. The wardrobe from the hall have a mirror with three purposes: the first one is simple and you know it, the second one is to create an illusion which will make the kitchen bigger and the last one (which is very important) to reflect the windows from the other side, which makes the room lighter. You can see the rest of the house bellow, realizing that the main idea of this small apartment design was to keep it simple, a lot of light and mirrors to create an illusion of more space. A small apartment design with a big creativity.

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