Villa Kominiarski


Among Polish architects you can find the one who has undertaken a complicated task to refresh XIX-century “zakopianski style” architecture of Podhale and Zakopane, a popular winter resort in Tatra Mountains, where artists and architects around 1900 invented a folk-inspired, nationalist “architecture of the Zakopane tradition”. Today architect Sebastian Piton makes his eccentric projects in Zakopane and around, searching for inspiration between his homeland region and A. Gaudis’c creations, bringing to us Villa Kominiarski. A beautiful place to rest, having 15 rooms where you can stay.

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  1. Claudiu says:

    Singurul lucru ce nu imi place la casa asta sunt usile de la mansarda…trebuia sa le lase simple dar scluptorul a vazut un loc gol in misloc si hai sa-i mai fac si aici niste chestii (si a iesit tiganie)…in rest e un fel de casa strumphi-lor, poarta si forma acoperisului sunt 80%….suportul de umbrele si sfestnicele din hol 10%…restul e rest.

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