Dune House by William Morgan

Hurricane Dora swept in 1964, has created a large dunes in some parts of Florida. Architect named William Morgan could not have chosen a better place to build his own home. Ten years later, he decided to take advantage of the creation of this natural disaster. Instead of building a house on top of a dune, he decided to hide it inside it. Later became known as Dune House. Underground space inside the house is a duplex, which includes two-storey apartment with living quarters on the lower level and bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper floor. They also have a terrace at the beach. Dune House was built in 1975 and consists of two nearly identical structures that share a common staircase. They have a surface of 750 square meters each. This place became a rented house for those looking for a fancy place to stay while on vacation. From the street, duplex resembles a giant frog with two big eyes window openings. Due to the layer of sand and soil over the house temperature inside remains constant throughout the year. The interior is a combination of modern and retro elements. The main entrance is on the upper level. The living area and kitchen / dining room on the ground floor and have a glass wall that separates the living space from the patio overlooking the ocean. Dune House was built with the use of technologies used in the construction of swimming pools withshotcrete” shell. The interior is mainly made of wood and includes a built-in furniture.













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