Go Mir by Moon Hoon


On the popular tourist island of Jeju, South Korea recently appeared a monochrome guest house with a red vertical stripe on the facade. This bright accent became the personification of motive “dragon” that is so popular among the eastern people. Architectural company Moon Hoon has implemented the construction of the guest house Go mir on Jeju Island, located near the southern coast of Korea. Geometric facade is painted in dark colors, reminiscent of basalt rock, which is famous for this area. Bright red vertical accent in this monochrome building unwittingly attracts the views of tourists and residents. The design house architects used a favorite item for Koreans eastern folklore – the tune of “Dragon”. Title “Go mir” consists of two words. “Go” – this is one of the most common male names in the country, and “Mir” means “dragon“. In addition, red accent used on the facade and the interior is a touch that characterizes this mythical creature. By the way, the guest house is located near popular tourist attractions Yongdoam. On request, the interior space was designed very simple: on the ground floor there is a small cafe in the lobby being a spacious area. On the second and third floor are rooms designed for families up to 5 members. There’s also an open terrace with an observation deck. From it goes up a narrow staircase, a symbol of the dragon’s head.











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