A Star Wars House


Because we just posted an article about “Go Mir” (a guest house made by Moon Hoon Company), we decided to show you another project made by them, in a “Star Wars” style. Korean Architects presented the house in the spirit of the epic film “Star Wars”. Beveled front, elongated horizontal window – all are reminiscent of footage from the sci-fi movie. In South Korea, there is a tendency for young families to move from a cramped apartment in crowded metropolitan areas, in private suburban mansions. Therefore, many architectural firms began to work according to this profile, like experts from studio Moon Hoon. “The StarWars house”, which meets all the requirements of the customer, is one of their beauty. It is a small two-storey house with a small green lawn. In addition, the architects have fulfilled the old dream of the family head, who wanted to fly into space: they drew up a home in the style of “Star Wars.” While themes of the film is shown not only in front of the building, but inside it. On the second floor, in addition to the main premises, equipped with designers’ secret hideout for the young Jedi “- the room, the door of which the latent image bookshelves. 










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