Casa El Maqui

Architectural Studio from Chile GITC, designed a house named Casa El Maqui, which is located in a conservation area near Santiago.

Casa El Maqui accommodates six people and is located in the nature reservation of El Macs Brook along the mountain range on the coast near Santiago. The house project is designed so that later on it will be an opportunity to restore the local flora and fauna. The 253, 1 m² contemporary home is integrated within a protected natural reserve. The client wanted a seasonal house with a garden for the family of six to gather on weekends and holidays. “In order not to interfere with the rich forests and ecosystems, we sought an already damaged hillside without vegetation and constructed the building there,” the architects say. “The new landscaping project should recover the area.” Steel frames, reinforced concrete and wood were employed for the design. A swimming pool and a bio-filter pond are just some of the luxurious features of this Casa El Maqui. The layout was planned around the topography of the site and the water features in the garden. The bedrooms are located in a suspended pavilion, oriented toward the mountain views, while the common areas face the landscaped courtyard. The interiors are bright and cozy, with irregular walls enhancing the dynamics of the living areas. What are your thoughts on the design of this Casa El Maqui house and the way it was integrated into its environment? Photos: Felipe Díaz Contardo. Don’t forget to check our Housing Category.

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